Virgen del Carmen - Marbella

Virgen del Carmen Festival in Marbella

If the Virgen del Carmen is safe anywhere on the Costa del Sol it would have to be Marbella. There the image of the Virgin is kept 12 metres underground in a vault. Thankfully, she sees the light of day every July 16 on her own very special day, one that is celebrated up and down the Coasts of Andalucia.

One week before the Virgen del Carmen processions there is a mass held in her honour with a choir that sings and a prize at the end for the oldest retired fisherman in town.

Then, one week later on July 16 the Virgen del Carmen festivities take place with a procession over land and out into the sea.

For a current Virgen del Carmen events schedule visit the Marbella tourist office.

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