Marbella, whilst a modern and cospopoliton resort town still has numerous cultural and social events going in addition to important festivals and fairs that take place around the same time each year. Here is a look at Marbella's main traditional festivals.

The Starlite Festival is a month-long music and cultural event held in July / August at the Cantera de Nagüeles, in Marbella. It is now established as one of the important annual social and entertainment events in Spain.

There are hundreds of music and dance festivals taking place in Andalucia every year, especially in the summer. The festivals cover every genre from rock, pop, indie, folk, blues and jazz to classical and flamenco. Some of these, mostly those offering jazz, classical or flamenco, are well-established and have been taking place for many years, while others - generally pop and dance music - are relatively new.

Since 2011 Sabinillas has hosted a full moon festival every August on its beaches, with live bands, dancing, body painting, craft stalls and friends getting together on the beach for moonlight picnics. The full moon festival was inspired by the famous lantern and full moon festival in Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand, although this one is more family orientated.

A lot of people go on a pilgrimage to El Rocio. Those who believe in heaven and those who don't. A few hours after starting along the paths of Lower Andalusia, a unique form of relation is established. Differences disappear. Hearts open. This is the miracle of El Rocio.