Cured hams - Cortadores de Jamon (Ham Slicers)

Cortadores de Jamon (Ham carvers)

A 'Cortador de Jamon' at the annual competition
Cortador de Jamon

There has long been a competitive element in mastering the fine art of carving Spanish ham. Cutting ham was once the job of the butcher, the waiter or the chef in the restaurant; now, however, it is a profession, and one that requires talent, extensive knowledge, practice and a steady hand. There was an annual competition for ham carving and the event was held in Estepona in 2011 where the below footage was filmed. This event has been replaced by the "Certamen Mundial de Jamón" which takes place each mid August (10th to 15th ) on the Paseo Maritimo. This is a selection of stalls selling plates of Jamon for 5€ plus entertainment on stage. Very popular event.