Geography of Gibraltar

Here are a few interesting facts about Gibraltar's unique geographical position and general geography:

  • Latitude: 36º7'N
  • Longitude: 05º21
  • Land connection: an isthmus one mile long by about a half mile wide
  • Distance to Britain: 1,400 miles by sea
  • Distance to Africa: 15 miles across the Straight
  • East of Gibraltar: Mediterranean Sea
  • West of Gibraltar: Atlantic Ocean
  • Length of the rock: approximately 6 km
  • Highest point: 426 metres above sea level
  • Southern Extremity: Europa Point
  • Population: concentrated on western side with a small village on the east side (Catalan Bay)
  • Caves: 140
  • Roads: more than 48 km
  • Tunnels: approximately 52 km