History - Andalucia moves with Europe

Andalucia moves with Europe

The Expo 92 in Seville marked a turning point in Andalucia's fortunes, with the region finally being brought up-to-date, and communications with the rest of Spain dramatically improved. Transport links within Andalucia became immeasurably better thanks to the first motorways, as well as a new modern airport and train station in the city, and the high-speed AVE train linking the south (Seville and Cordoba initially, later Malaga) with Madrid.

Andalucia as a region of Spain, has benefited as member of the European Union. It has experienced a dramatic improvement in the standard of living. The poverty of the Andalucian countryside has been largely eliminated and its people have regained their pride in the local culture, which flourishes alongside the benefits of improved roads, modern health care and high-tech infrastructures. On the other hand the GDP per capita and the levels of unemployment remain the worst in Europe. The romantic image of Andalucia, in spite of progress, is still very much a thing of the present.