History - Second Republic

Second Republic

The Spanish Republic and commonly known as the Second Spanish Republic to distinguish it from the previous and short-lived First Spanish Republic (1873–1874), was the democratic republican administration that existed in Spain from 1931 to 1939.

Following the Provisional Government between April and December 1931, the 1931 Constitution established the Republic. The Spanish Republic can be divided in three eras: the First Biennium, the Dark Biennium, and the Popular Front government. The Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed when King Alfonso XIII left the country following municipal elections where anti-monarchist candidates won the majority of votes. Its government went into exile on 1 April 1939, when the last of the Republican forces surrendered to the rebel nacionales (led in part by Generalissimo Francisco Franco, 1892–1975), ending the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939).

The government in exile of the Second Spanish Republic had an embassy in Mexico City until 1976. After the restoration of democracy in Spain, the government formally dissolved the following year. | Wikipedia CC-BY-SA