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Manolete was born July 4th, 1917 in Cordoba and died in the bullring at Linares in Jaen on August 28th 1947. What transpired during the years in between was the making of a myth and legend so great, the world of bullfighting in Spain will forever remember the name of Manolete.

El Cordobes is currently one of the most popular Matadors on the circuit currently. He claims to be illegitimate son of the great "El Cordobes" matador of recent history. El Cordobes (jr) is also a good showman and loves to play to the audience. For this reason we recommend his bullfights fights for those interested in attending their first fight.

He's a bullfighter who isn't afraid to take on the ultra-macho world of bullfighting by carrying gay advertising, compares his moves to dance steps, and doesn't like watching gory movies. Wherever you stand on the always controversial subject of 'tauromaquia' - the bullfight - Joselito Ortega is most definitely not your average matador.

Legend has it that Francisco Rivera Ordoñez was born to fight bulls. His father was the famous bullfighter Paquirri who died bullfighting in Pozoblanco, Córdoba in 1984 when he was caught by the horns of a bull named “Avispado” (from the Spanish for wasp, “avispa”).

Antonio Ordoñez was one of Spain's most famous bullfighters. Born in Ronda in 1932, he made his first public appearance as a bullfighter in 1948 and in 1951, aged 19, he appeared in the bullring in Madrid. In the glittering career which followed, Ordoñez came face to face with over 1000 bulls. He finally retired in 1968, having fought over 60 bullfights in that year alone.