Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

If you are a public health user, the good news is that you have a long list of rights, thirty to be exact, and only six responsibilities. The bad news is that many of your rights are not yet a reality. However, knowledge is power and therefore it's important to know what you're entitled to in order to at least ask for it. And who knows, if you ask persuasively enough, you just might receive.

A detailed, official copy of your rights has been translated into English and may be available at some public healthcare facilities (you have a right to a copy). However, the information is easier to manage when grouped into the following three categories:

Related information

Information-related rights
Medical choice-related rights
Healthcare quality-related rights

Meanwhile, your six responsibilities as a "SAS user" can basically be summed up as follows: helping to maintain health facilities, complying with instructions regarding public health and, when refusing treatment, signing the appropriate document confirming that you have been fully informed regarding the potential consequences.

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