Information related Rights

Many of your rights involve information. You have the right to receive detailed information about any aspect of your diagnosis, condition and any programmes, services or state benefits that would be of use to you as well as how to go about obtaining access to them. You are entitled to full information about any teaching or research project doctors would like you to participate in, and of course, you must give written consent before being included. Also, before you sign any consent form, you are supposed to be given full information regarding any risks involved in surgery or tests, for example.

When in hospital, your relatives or companions have the right to information regarding your diagnosis, prognosis, treatment choices and how long doctors expect to keep you under their care. Information should also be provided regarding how to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. And when you leave hospital, emergency or a specialist's office, you should be given a written report regarding your condition and treatment.

Officially, you are to be provided with information about preventive and promotional programmes offered at your local clinic. You should also be informed regarding any general public health risks or topics of interest to you.

Information about you, for example your medical records or results from genetic testing, is to be kept confidential. You are supposed to have access to this information and can have copies, if you follow the correct procedures for obtaining them. You have the right to a certificate attesting to the state of your health.

Finally, all the information you receive is supposed to be comprehensible, but that doesn't always mean in English, in case you were wondering.

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