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To many, including myself, food is synonymous with Spain. So it's no surprise there seem to be 2 or 3 restaurants and eateries to every city block! Restaurants in Madrid do a BIG business; not so much because Spaniards don't like to cook (because they DO!) or that people prefer to eat outside of the home, but more to satisfy their basic need to socialise with friends and family over a wonderfully typical Spanish meal......which may last SEVERAL hours!

Having so many choices at a WIDE range of prices and services, first. Decide if you'd like a typical sit-down meal or a stand-up, busy tapas bar. Both are satisfying, but offer different social experiences to be sure.

There are many excellent restaurants in Madrid such as the less-than-typical "Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas". Specialising in roasted suckling pig, Las Cuevas actually lies UNDER the Plaza Mayor's south-west corner. All employees dress in period costumes and the numerous, small dining rooms have brick-domed ceilings. Recommended by MadridMan!

"El Brillante", a large bar/eatery with a sidewalk terrace and located next to the famous Reina Sofía museum, is a MadridMan SUPER-favourite. Famous for their delicious and inexpensive fried squid sandwiches, El Brillante is MORE than casual and the food is MORE than affordable! Step up to the bar, order a caña (a small glass of draught beer), and get something to fill your stomach while talking to friends or the usually-friendly strangers next to you.

¡Buen Provecho!

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