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Many travellers from abroad will use Madrid as a their gateway to Spain. Like choosing mode of travel to Andalucia from Madrid can be challenging.


Depending on your needs and schedule, train travel may be the most comfortable and entertaining form of transportation. Passengers move about the car with ease, stretching the legs and chatting with others while admiring the beautiful countryside passing by. The AVE high speed train to Cordoba and Seville is one of the most impressive modern high speed trains in the world covering the 450 km in under 3 hours. The Talgo 200 is the high speed train to Málaga, Cádiz, Huelva, and Algeciras. Long distance trains unite most of the large towns in Andalucia with Madrid. The railway station is called Atocha and is located in the centre of the city at the southern end of Paseo del Prado. It is a modern station with a huge domed glass roof. The tropical palms in the waiting area are designed give the relaxing impression of a botanical garden rather than the stress of a railway station. Click here for more information about railways in Andalucia.

Experience the comfort and speed of travelling by train around Madrid or between Madrid and different destinations in Andalucia:

Buses & Coaches

Bus travel is a very economical alternative to train travel. Becoming more and more popular, the less expensive bus services travel frequently to Andalucia and are nearly as fast as trains normally making no more than One stop over the course of the trip. Many buses are equipped with video monitors for movie watching and supply earphones to listen to a choice of recorded music or features. The buses for Andalucia are taken from the 'Estacion Sur de Autobuses' (just of Calle Palos de la Frontera and metro of the same name). Routes are run by different private companies who sell tickets at their own ticket offices within the modern bus station. Check for times and prices at different windows.


Flying from Madrid Barajas Airport to Andalucia is about the same price as the AVE train. Barajas Airport is located about 14km North east of Madrid centre, on the road to Barcelona. There are regular flights with Iberia or Vuelling to the following cities in Andalucia. Seville, Malaga, Granada, Almería, Jerez.  Iberia and British Airways fly to London.


Car rental travel may be the best form of transportation to Andalucia if you don't have a rigid schedule and are prepared to test your defensive driving skills on Spain's speedy highways. Although a little more expensive than bus travel, car rentals allow the greatest amount of flexibility for sight seeing along the way and visiting many historical, old towns you would have otherwise missed.

Take the NIV Motorway south passing Ocaña and Valdepeñas. Three hours and 240km later you arrive in Andalucia through the spectacular gorge 'Desfiladero de Despeñaperros' Michelin road maps are the best map 446 coverts the whole of Andalucia, Map 444 or 445 will guide you from Madrid to Andalucia. Click here for more information about driving in Andalucia.

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