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There are SO many things to see and do in Madrid that you're likely to have difficulty completing your list on a short traveller's schedule. Luckily, most highlights are concentrated into a relatively small area between Retiro Park and the Royal Palace, the King's infrequent residence.

In MadridMan's opinion, the best way to tour the city is on foot. And with strong, willing legs and a patient disposition, a typical traveller can see the best of Madrid in a few long and very busy days.

If interested in Madrid's vast collections of art, choose one of the many great museums along the Paseo del Prado to spend an afternoon. While in this part of town take a leisurely stroll through the large and one-time royal gardens of Retiro Park. With its large lake and endless tree-canopy paths, Retiro is a pleasant retreat from the city traffic and hours of touring.

The Plaza de Cibeles, possibly the busiest of intersections of old Madrid, is surrounded by pleasant sights at all corners. The immense Palacio de Comunicaciones (Madrid's main post office) is situated on one corner while the boulevards of Paseo del Prado extend to the south and Paseo de Recoletos to the north. Up the hill to the east looms the largest gate of all Madrid; La Puerta de Alcalá. And up the opposite hill to the west is the often-photographed division of Calle de Alcalá and the Gran Vía.

A quieter must-see location would include the famed Plaza Mayor. No longer holding bullfights, this beautiful, ancient plaza is now a popular gathering place at one of the countless "terrazas" (outdoor restaurant seating) for a drink or something to eat. The plaza's interior is magnificently illuminated giving an almost unearthly sensation.....for those NOT from Spain or western Europe.

Looking for more of a Disneyland kind of experience for you or your children? Consider a round-trip ride on "El Teleférico" from Madrid's western edge to the tree-covered Casa de Campo park, crossing the Manzanares river. The cable-gondola car provides unique views of the river valley below, the Royal Palace, and the eastern portion of the park. On the same side of town, the 92 meter observation tower of "El Faro de Moncloa" gives spectacular 360º views of the city and far-away Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. It is from this point, high above the traffic below, that one can begin to grasp the sheer expanse of the city of Madrid.

Madrid has something for EVERYONE! Whether you decide to spend your time admiring art, strolling through the endless old streets, or enjoying a café con leche (coffee with steamed milk) at one of the many terrazas, you're sure to be entertained, surprised, and captivated by all you see and experience in Spain's capital city.

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