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Celebrities - Ruta Jean Cocteau

RUTA Jean Cocteau in Marbella

by Chris Chaplow and Fiona Flores Watson

Here is a list of the places mentioned in the article Jean Cocteau in Marbella.

Casa Ana
House of Ana von Bismarck in Cortijo Blanco. A photo of Cocteau in the garden is in Sala Cocteau. Just to west of Marbella Club Hotel

Marbella Club Hotel
Hotel opened by German aristocrat Prince Hohenlohe in 1954, converted from his own house, Finca Santa Margarita, by adding bungalows in the Gardens. Managed by Conde Rudi
Bulevar Alfonso von Hohenlohe

La Maroma
Decoration shop run by Ana de Pombo - tea room, boutique, and meeting place. (now demolished)
Corner of Calle Enrique del Castillo and Avenida Ramon y Cajal.

Finca Merced
House of Ana de Pombo by the new polideportivo

Finca Malibu
Owned by Edgar Neville, then Sean Connery.
Demolished in 2002, replaced by a block of flats of same name. Sean Connery is petitioned to appear in court in Marbella over irregularities in this sale known as 'Caso Goldfinger'
Beachfront house in El Rodeo

Sala Cocteau
Permanent exhibition of Jean Cocteau memorabilia donated by Pepe Carleton in Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores
Calle José Luis Morales Marin. 29601 Marbella  (to the south of the AP7 motorway, exit 184)  Tel 952 90 27 14

Las Cañas
House owned by Duquesa de Alba,  Playa Casablanca

El Camelo de Oro
Tea room owned by Pepe Carleton Santa Petrolino

Villa El Martinete
House of Antonio El Bailador. Here Cocteau drew a picture on the base of the swimming pool which Antonio converted to a mosaic; it survives to this day. The original villa was demolished and a new one built; it is available for rental with pool and mosaic. El Rodeo

Ana de Pombo
A fashion shop, florist, dance studio and hairdressers - first boutique in Marbella
Avenida Ricardo Sorriano (corner of Calle Huerta Chica)

Ana de Pombo's
Opened 1964. She placed a cannon in the street outside which is still there. It closed in 1968 due to her ill health. Calle Valdes, 3.
Plaza de la Naranjas

Ana de Pombo purchased house for Cocteau in 1963; he never lived there, as he died soon after. In 1978 she sold the chalet. Nagúeles