Ellie Redman

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The only way is Bootcamp!


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Ellie Redman

Love it or hate it, ITV2´s The Only Way is Essex catchphrases have become a part of many people’s lives. I, for one, am constantly “well jel” of my friends’ new dresses or shoes, and naturally - living on the Costa del Sol, just minutes from Marbella - “No Carbs before Marbs” is a mantra I hear whenever a friend or relative is coming to visit.

If you´re coming to Marbella on holiday and you haven´t heard the phrase “No Carbs before Marbs”, never fear - we can fill you in. “No Carbs before Marbs” (no carbohydrates before Marbella) is a saying first uttered by TOWIE star Ellie Redman in the build-up to the cast´s trip to Marbella in May last year (2011), as a dietary guideline for slimming down to make sure you are bikini and beach ready.

Little did she know (or did she? we will find out) that it would become such a national (and soon-to-be international) phenomenon. The phrase and the idea behind became so big that Ellie decided to turn it into a business. She has started a fitness “bootcamp” to help you get into shape, for whatever reason (naturally, we like to think it´s just before you jet across to Marbella, or anywhere in Andalucia for that matter, for your holiday).

The existing bootcamp (online name: The Only Way is Bootcamp) is, of course, in Essex, but amid very strong rumours that she is bringing a version of the bootcamp to Marbella, it became our duty to speak to Ellie and find out more about her Marbella business ventures, and what she loves about the beautiful and glamorous coastal resort of Marbella, here is our exclusive interview…

AC- When you first uttered the phrase "No Carbs before Marbs", did you ever think that it would become such a huge phenomenon?
ER - When I first said the phrase I thought it was brilliant, but I had no clue it would turn in to what it has. It is said all over the nation and everybody loves it - people are still saying and tweeting it on a daily basis. My phrase has brought me so many opportunities, it's amazing!

AC - Did you always plan to turn it into a health and fitness centre?
ER - No, but I realised how many people were coming to me for advice on how to lose weight. I thought it would be great for people to have somewhere fun to go and learn nutritional advice and exercise tips, and go away feeling and looking wonderful.

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Ellie sporting a dress from her NCBM label

AC- On nocarbsbeforemarbsbootcamp.com it says you handpicked the team in the Essex camp, can we expect a Spanish team in Marbella or will you choose a team from the UK?
ER - I have built a close bond with my team in the UK and I am in talks with them regarding the Marbella bootcamp. However, yes, I have definitely thought about getting a Spanish trainer on board - we want the bootcamp to attract everyone therefore we will need a trainer who can talk fluently in Spanish as well as our English trainer.

AC - It´s great to know the camp will be helping the local economy, but what about the residents? Will Marbella Bootcamp be for Marbella residents looking to get in shape, or is it a centre for former Essex bootcampers to make sure they stay in shape while they´re away?
ER - It's a bootcamp for everybody! We would most definitely love for Marbella residents to come along too.

AC - So after you have opened the Marbella bootcamp will you be spending more time over here? How will you manage both centres?
ER - Definitely, and it will be great to get out to Marbella more, it's one of my favourite places ever. We will not be overlapping the courses in the UK with the courses in Marbella so I will be able to attend both.

AC - Will we be seeing the NCBM clothing range over here, maybe a beachwear range?
ER - Definitely, I have an online shop at the moment and we do deliver internationally. I am in the process of organizing some summer "No Carbs Before Marbs" items - it would be amazing to see the Marbella residents wearing them.

AC - For the Marbella bootcampers will it be all about the fitness regime or will there be time for sightseeing and sunbathing?
ER - We are looking into planning trips for our bootcampers, such as mountain climbing - it will be a great way to get to see and learn more about Marbella and keeping fit at the same time.

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"No Carbs before Marbs"

AC - Great idea - La Concha would be perfect for mountain climbing! But of course, we would love to know, what is your favourite thing about Marbella?
ER - I love everything about Marbella - its classy, it's fun, and it's wealthy. It's fascinating to see everyone on their yachts and beautiful cars. I just love the Marbella vibe and being a part of it. The beach parties are amazing and the bars are all so classy, and not forgetting the food - I am a massive paella fan; I can't get enough when I'm out there.

AC - What has kept you coming back to Marbella?
ER - I've just always had the best time - I love dressing up and going over the top, and out there (in Marbella) you can. You can wear a full face of make-up to the beach and it's normal. It's so glamorous, I love it.

AC - With that in mind, could describe your perfect day/night in Marbella what would it be?
ER - In the day it's all about the pool parties: Buddha beach, OC (Ocean Club) and Sisu are all amazing days, you'll spend hundreds on a beautiful bikini and then spend hundreds on champagne just to be sprayed all over, but it's just so much fun. In the evening, I would glam up and hit Pangea, Tibu or Nikki beach - they are all such classy places and I am so into the classy feel, you'll all have your tables and party!

AC - Sounds fabulous, so when can we expect to see the grand opening of the new centre?
ER - ASAP, I am in the process now. As soon as we have finalised everything you will be the first to know!

AC - And do you have any future plans for the NCBM brand? Would you consider opening any more centres in the UK?
ER - My future plan is to expand, to have bootcamps all over the world. I would definitely love to open more centres in the UK, and I fully intend to!

So, there you have it: Marbella "No Carbs before Marbs" bootcamp is coming soon and Andalucia.com readers will be the first to know. We look forward to hearing more about Ellie´s ventures. She is due in Marbella for the May Bank Holiday (2012) - I hope it´s not all work and no play; no doubt we will see her out and about looking fabulous on the beaches and in the clubs of Marbella.

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