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© Michelle Chaplow Family fun on the beach of Mojacar
Family fun on the beach of Mojacar


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With over 17km of fine, golden sand stretching along the Costa Almería, the virtually untouched beaches of Mojácar are the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the Mediterranean sea.


Playa de la Marina de la Torre
The first beach to greet you as you enter the municipality of Mojácar, Playa de la Marina de la Torre finds itself in front of the old Palace of the Marina. Today, the palace has been restored to its former glory and now houses a luxury hotel complex and an 18-hole golf course. The beach has been regularly awarded an E.U. Blue Flag award for its excellent facilities and high standards of cleanliness.

Playa del Cantal
This is one of the most visited beaches in Mojácar, equipped with good medical services and excellent leisure facilities. Easy access, including for wheelchairs, the beach is also equipped with changing rooms and showers. There is a regular bus that serves the beach - línea ALP-116 (Carboneras-San Juan de los Terrenos) - and parking is available.

Playa de la Cueva del Lobo
This beach is named after one of first buildings in the area from the 1960s, which was owned by a famous pianist. Perfect for relaxation, the beach has easy access and good leisure facilities.

Playa del Lance Nuevo
Perfect for the water sports lover, this sand and pebble beach gets its name from the old fishing port that used to be based here. It is visited by many tourists thanks to its easy access and array of services available.

Playa de la Venta del Bancal
The first beach as the coastline gives way to the more urban areas of Mojácar, it is bordered by a Paseo Marítimo and protected by an artificial breakwater. The excellent facilities and high standards of cleanliness have regularly earned it an E.U. Blue Flag.

Playa de Macenas
Next to this beach we find the old Torre de Macenas, an old tower built during the reign of Carlos III. From here begins the road towards the protected beach spaces of Mojácar.

Playa de las Ventanicas
This sandy beach finds itself situated between Playa la Cueva del Lobo and the last beach on the urban strip of coastline. It is one of the biggest in Mojácar and provides all types of services for leisure and relaxation, with easy access and connections. Its high standards of cleanliness and excellent facilities have regularly earned it an E.U. Blue Flag award.

Playas de la Rumina y Palmeral
Located in a residential area next to the river estuary, these beaches are calm and peaceful.

Playa Piedra Villazar
Located near the crossroads which link Mojácar’s coast to the village, the beach takes its name from the interesting rock structure made from the distinctive Villazar stone, which is located on the sand. Easy access with changing rooms and other leisure facilities such as a playground and a beach bar. Its standards of cleanliness and good facilities have reguarly won the beach an E.U. Blue Flag award.

Protected Beaches:
These beaches are conserved in an almost entirely untouched state and are designated entirely to nature. It is asked that visitors respect its upkeep. There are no facilities at the beaches but they have a unique beauty.


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