Almeria Province - Lúcar


One of the most interesting features of this village is the Fuente Termal de Cela, a natural pool, founded by the Romans, with waters that stay at around 26 degrees all year round. The banks of the river Tahalí and the pine forest at Cerro Gordo are particularly attractive areas, but the main attraction of Lúcar lies in its natural springs.

You will also be able to see cave dwellings in which people live. Other attractions in the town include the parish church, the clock tower, the Town Hall and the Arched Balcony of Almanzora. 


The gastronomy of Lúcar includes dishes such as white soup, garlic soup, migas, broth made with wheat and breadcrumbs, gurullos pasta, gachas, stewed lambs leg and easter pies. 


The 20th January is a day where they celebrate San Sebastián and Santa Inés. All Saints Eve, they light bonfires all around the town. Furthermore, on 6th June there is a recreation of the battle between the Moors and Christians. 


Lúcar is situated 105 kilometres from Almería, from where you can take the Ramble de Belén, following the A-7 motorway and taking the 453 exit towards Granada. Once you are on the A-92, take exit number 376 towards Sorbas and continue along the national motorway 340A and the A-349. After this, cross the Olula del Río and continue along the A-334 and the ALP-404 which will take you to your destination. 

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