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Foro Iberoamericano

The Foro Iberoamericano © Michelle Chaplow
The Foro Iberoamericano

Foro Iberoamericano

Built by José Álvarez Checa Curbelo and Tomás Curbelo between 1999-1991 for the celebration of the fifth centenary of the Discovery of America. Its construction would bridge the gap between the Old and the New World to symbolize the embrace between the two continents. It has a capacity of 4000, accommodating large concerts and performances in the Auditorium outdoors and is designed for holding conventions, congresses and public events in the indoor facilities. Although at first sight it looks very similar to a Greek theatre, it has the preferred name of 'Foro' to express the multi-functionality of the building. Located between Monasterio de La Rábida and Muelle de las Carabelas.

Opening Times: Dependant on current exhibition.
Price: Dependant on current exhibition.
Tel: 959 03 02 54


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