El Terrón Marine Centre

Aula Marina de El Terrón

Unfortunately the ‘Aula Marina de El Terrón' closed in 2008 due to lack of funds and the building is abandoned. We keep this poage as a historical record in the hope that it will open again one day.  


It is worth visiting the environmentally educational ‘Aula Marina de El Terrón’ (El Terrón Marine Centre) near near Lepe or La Antilla on the Huelva Coast.  This interesting centre, run by the Fundación  de Estudios Marinos (Marine Studies Foundation), is in El Terrón Port, which is right on the edge of another natural area of the Huelva Province, the Salt Marshes of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido.  The Marin Centre has a very interesting exhibition on the salt marshes and the beach which is part of the natural landscape.  One of the most interesting features is a scale model of the whole area and a very large collection of birds, fish and invertebrate sea life. 

There is also an aquarium section to the centre, where there are over 70 types of sea fauna from the Gulf of Cadiz, some of which are large specimens, such as groupers and dogfish.  The centre has a manager and co-ordinator, as well as eight assistants and volunteers who collaborate with the work.  Individuals can visit the centre, but there are also group activities organized on foot or by boat in the area around the centre. 

For further information contact:

Puerto El Terron
21440 El Terrón,
Lepe, Huelva
Tel: 959 38 22 25

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