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Castillo de La Guardia - La Guardia de Jaén

Castillo de La Guardia - La Guardia de Jaén

The castle was very important in Roman and Visigoth times, and its strategic location meant it was a critical vantage point until the High Middle Ages. It was known as Hisn al-Qal’a ‘alcala’a, granted to Sheikh Maymun. Its shape is an irregular triangle, a configuration adapted to that of the plateau of the hill that supported it and that most likely supplants the site of an ancient Iberian oppidum. It has since been a residence of the Lords of La Guardia. A fire in 1812 caused extensive damage, including the incineration of the church located next to the main door; a half-demolished bell tower and part of the vault of the chapel are all that remains. Elsewhere on the site, several square towers and a circular one are preserved, of which the Torre del Homenaje is very notable with an approximate elevation of 35 meters from the interior of the castle. There is an octagonal viewpoint towards the Puerto Alto area. The castle has very recently been restored.

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June, Sunday, by appointment only

Tel: 677 56 03 41


Located on Calle Zumbajarros.