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Castillo de Ríez - Mancha Real

Castillo de Ríez - Mancha Real

This castle can be found in the Auringi countryside, and existed when the Roman legions under Scipio seized Jaén and the Carthaginians were defeated in the Battle of Castulo. It belonged to the Tarragona province and stood next to the Roman road from Guadix to Cástulo. The fortress was razed during barbarian invasions and rebuilt in the last years of the Visigothic rule, but it was also looted after the Arab conquest. In the times of Fernando III el Santo, after the taking of Jaén, the castle was rebuilt to defend the area, which was highly threatened by intrusions and Andalusian raids. At present only a few lines of walls presuppose their existence.


Located north of Mancha Real, off the A-316.


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