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Conde de Argillo - Mancha Real

Conde de Argillo - Mancha Real

Conde de Argillo is the oil produced at Finca Arroyovil, in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina. From its springs come the waters used to irrigate its 8,000 centenary olive trees, which produce Extra Virgin olive oil of the Picual olive variety, which contains the highest content of oleic acid (80%), as well as polyphenols and phenolic acids that give it high antioxidant power, so that it can retain its quality for more than 18 months. At Finca Arrollovil, you can enjoy a rural house, La Cateta, and participate in the olive harvesting process (November and December) beforetastingthe oil. It is part of the OleoTour Jaén project, with the aim of promoting Oleotourism and the culture of the olive tree.


Located Carretera Jaén-Baeza, Km35,5.


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