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Casa Palacio de la Chica - Mengíbar

Casa Palacio de la Chica - Mengíbar

Parts of this building have been associated with the Islamic phase of the original Palace, from 800 to 1225, according to studies of archaeological surveys and analysis of its walls. It also corresponds to the Medieval-Christian phase, from 1225 to 1489, when, according to documentary sources, it was the residence of the Lord of Mengíbar and Ruler of JaénPedro Méndez de Sotomayor and his great-grandson, Fernando Ibáñez de Barrionuevo y MendozaBailiff of Mengíbar.From the sixteenth century, it became the property of the Ponce de León family and in 1880 the Palace was acquired by the La Chica family, who united with the Cassinelo family in marriage in 1904. During this time, the palace underwent various significant restorations to achieve the ornate the intricately segmented interior visible today. In 2017 it was acquired by the local council and today it is a Hotel.


Located in Plaza de la Constitución.


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