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Museum of the Cortes de Cádiz

Museum of the Cortes de Cádiz

The then Mayor of Cádiz, Cayetano del Toro, promoted in 1909 the purchase of two lots within the urban nucleus, to create the Iconographic and Historical Museum of the Courts and Site of Cádiz, which was inaugurated on the 5th October 1912.

The building was a project by the architect, Juan Cabrera Latorre, who conceived a neoclassical-inspired façade, with a balcony in the center, flanked by gigantic Ionic columns. In the interior, elements of iron architecture have been used, in which the staircase, of an imperial order, is distinguished, which serves to join the two main rooms.

The Museum houses numerous objects from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, most of which are linked to the siege of the city by Napoleonic troops between 1810 and 1812 and the promulgation of the Constitution of 1812. Among his best pieces, the maquette of the city of Cádiz stands out, in mahogany and ivory, made by the military engineer Alfonso Jimenéz in 1777 at the request of Carlos III. The large model is of great value for the urban and historical knowledge of the Cádiz capital, as well as to verify that the layout that Cádiz had in the eighteenth century has remained practically unaltered. It is also important to highlight the large canvas that represents the promulgation of the Constitution of 1812, the work of Salvador Viniegra.


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Located on Calle Santa Inés.


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