Via Verde of Almanzora

Vía Verde - Almanzora

The Almanzora railway path is 12 kilometres in length and runs along what used to be the Guadix-Almedricos railway line, between El Cargadero de los Canos, where the train collected minerals from Cable de Cabarga San Miguel, and the metal bridge over the Ramil ravine.

This route can be enjoyed on foot, by bike and in a wheelchair.

The mountain ranges of Sierra de los Filabres and Sierra del Lucar, and the river Almanzora valley, are all notable points of interest along the green route.

In terms of historical and artistic heritage, the town of Serón is of most interest, with the Moorish castle that looks over the town, the Iglesia de la Asuncion church and the Ermita de los Remedios chapel, among other notable buildings.

It is also worth visiting the Calar Alto observatory, located near the towns of Gergal and Bacares.

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