Music and Dance contemporary Festivals

Music and Dance contemporary Festivals

Flamenco Festival Trocadero 2021

Some of the most celebrated names from the world of flamenco came together at the Flamenco Festival Trocadero in Sotogrande in summer 2021. The first edition of the festival, presented a series of concerts in the popular Trocadero Beach Club and Restaurant.

Cala Mijas Festival 2024 is cancelled

After two high profile editions the Cala Mijas festival promoters, Last Tour announced the cancellation of the Cala Mijas Festival 2024 on the 26th April 2024. The dates for 2024, published immediately after the 2023 festival were 28th to 30th August 2024. No artists had been announced and ticket sales had not commenced.

Primavera Trompetera Festival, Jerez - 2022

2022 dates of the Primavera Trompetera Festival were 8th 9th 10th April 2022. Acts were La Mari de Chambao, Go Roneo, Lazurda, Manuel2Santos on the 8th. Kase.o Magnetism, Natos y Waor, Mala Rodriguez, Modestep Live, Magaco, Fernanandcosta, Miguel Campello, Los Chikos de Maiz, Soziedad Alkoholika, Maikel Dalacalle, Fyahbwoy, Hens, Mario Diaz, Hora Zulu, Nikone, RVFV, Albeto Gambino, Hamlet, Zetazen, Perro Kostra, Jose de la Heras, Plan B on the 9th. Ska-P, SFDK, netsky. Ayax y Prok, Fuel Fandango, El Cajinito de Jerez, Lola Indigo, Maka, green Valley, Califato 3/4, Ptazeta, Locoplaya, Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, Boikot, Kandy Cain, Recycled J, Walls, Sapce Surimi, Las Ninyas del coro, Xavibo, Manowall and Dannyboy, Cali and Chagar on the 10th.

Andres Segovia Guitar Competition

In November the Andres Segovia International Classical Guitar Competition takes place in La Heredura's beautiful San José Church. This annual event attracts leading classical guitarists under 35 years of age from around the world and its objective is to promote the diffusion and study of the guitar.

Dreambeach, Playa Villaricos

Dreambeach is multi-day festival featuring the best electronic music on the planet, on the coast of Almeria. Dreambeach takes place on the first weekend (Friday and Saturday) in August at Playa Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora, Almería). It is now extended to cover more days.

Blues Cazorla 2024

One of the longest-running festivals in Andalucia, this weekend blues and rock event in Cazorla the mountain village in the Sierra de Cazola Natural park, Jaen Province, started in 1994. Many famous names, including Mick Taylor, Otis Grand and Dr Feelgood, have honoured the festival over the years.