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Flamenco Festival Trocadero 2021

Flamenco Festival Trocadero Sotogrande

by Tony Bryant

Some of the most celebrated names from the world of flamenco will come together at the Flamenco Festival Trocadero in Sotogrande in summer 2021. The first edition of the festival, which will present a series of concerts in the popular Trocadero Beach Club and Restaurant, will begin on Saturday 15 May and continue until Friday 27 August.

This cultural extravaganza will serve as a showcase for the most celebrated dancers, singers and guitarists - representing both the pure and the new trends within the world of flamenco - so it will be an essential date for aficionados of this predominantly Gypsy musical genre.

Conventional artistes like Diego El Cigala, Estrella Morente, Remedios Amaya and Farrucuito will be joined by young up-and-coming performers like Israel Fernández, La Tremendita and Diego del Morao.

15 May Remedios Amaya
28 May Farru
11 June Estrella Morente
18 June La Tremenita
1 July

La Mari de Chambao

9 July Barberia del Sur
23 July Lin Cortes
1 Aug Farruquito
4 Aug Navajita Platea
11 Aug Diego el Cagila
18 Aug Israel Fernandez
Diego de Morao
27 Aug Perla, Tobalo and Friends

About the artists

The festival will be inaugurated by Remedios Amaya (15 May), one of today’s most celebrated fiesteras. Born in Seville in 1962, Remedios Amaya began her career in the tablaos and flamenco peñas of the city. A former Eurovision contestant (¿Quién Maneja mi Barca? 1983), she was at the head of the flamenco fusion movement in the early 1990s. It would be her collaboration on the recording of Turu Turai with guitarist Vincente Amigo that would gain her recognition as a general all-round performer whose deep-toned voice and spontaneous outbursts of dance overflow with charisma and duende.

Members of the coveted Montoya dynasty will demonstrate why they are among the most respected dancers of today. Farru (28 May) and his older brother Farrucuito (1 August) will thrill the audience with their spectacular dance routines, a style inherited from the grandfather, the phenomenal Gypsy dancer El Farruco.

Farru made his debut at the age of two in Berlin and participated in his first film, Bodas de Gloria, at the age of six. At the age of ten, he created his own company and has since participated in numerous festivals with his large family in Spain and around the world.

His sibling, Farrucuito, will need no introduction to lovers of the flamenco dance. He began dancing at the age of five, when he performed alongside his grandfather in the show Flamenco Puro, but it was his role in the Carlos Saura film Flamenco that was to be his springboard into the world of flamenco fame. Today, he is considered one of the greatest dancers of his era and he has continued with his family’s long tradition, becoming one of the superstars of the dance world.

Award-winning Granada singer Estrella Morente (11 June) is one of the leading singers of her generation. Daughter of world-renowned singer Enrique Morente and dancer Aurora Carbonell, Estrella mixes her father’s characteristic style with her own innovative approach to the flamenco song. She grew up among legendary singers like Camarón de la Isla and Juan El Lebrijano, so her cante is deeply rooted in the orthodox styles of the art. She also melds traditional flamenco with the copla, so her show will appeal to all levels of enthusiasts.

Another celebrated singer to take the stage will be Diego El Cigala (11 August), a singer who rose from the streets of the El Rastro district of Madrid to become one of today-s top singers. El Cigala is well versed in the Gypsy cantes, but he has strived to find new directions for the art, melding his copper-toned voice to other world music. His collaboration with Cuban jazz pianist Bebo Valdes on the 2003 recording Lagrimas Negras catapulted the singer to world stardom. These prestigious performers will be joined by some of the younger generation of flamencos who are currently establishing their names.

Guitarist Diego del Morao will team up with singer Israel Fernandez (18 August) for a performance of traditional voice and guitar. Diego comes from a long line of coveted guitarists from Jerez de la Frontera, which includes his grandfather, El Morao, and his father, Moraito Chico.

Israel was born in Toledo, but has his origins in Andalucía. He began singing during intimate family get-togethers, which were his springboard onto a lucrative career. His performance fuses the orthodox with the contemporary, making him one of the new generation of singers who are contributing to the natural evolution of flamenco.

Those who prefer the lighter styles of what is termed the ‘new flamenco’ will enjoy the concerts by La Tremendita (18 June); and La Mari de Chamboa (1 July), former vocalist of flamenco-fusion group Chambao.

La Tremendita was born in the district of Triana in Seville, and in addition to her ability to perform authentic flamenco song, she is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer. She is considered one of the great innovators of today’s flamenco scene. She strives to find new directions with her music, absorbing modern influences without losing the true essence of flamenco.

After almost 20-years of success as the vocalist of Chambao, Malaga artiste La Mari de Chambao branched out on her own to enjoy a successful solo career. Her music is best described as flamenquito, a catchy, pop-tinted style that has undercurrents of flamenco rhythms. Throughout her career she has collaborated with various renowned flamenco performers, including Enrique and Estrella Morente.

Other artistes to participate in the festival are Barbería del Sur (9 July), a group that combines the fundamentals of flamenco with rhythms as diverse as jazz, pop and funk; Lin Cortés (23 July), a guitarist and singer who has spearheaded the new flamenco movement; and Navajita Plateá (3 August), a group from Jerez de la Frontera that melds traditional flamenco with styles as varied as rock, blues, hip-hop and punk.

The festival will close on Friday 27 August with a spectacular fin de fiesta type show under the banner of Perla, Tobalo and Friends, an ensemble of celebrated singers, dancers and guitarists who will demonstrate the true essence of a Gypsy family fiesta.

Practical Info

The festival offers several different zones, and ticket prices vary depending on the zone. All performances begin at 9pm.

Organisers have assured the public that all the necessary Covid-19 protocols will be respected. In total, there will be twelve concerts with a reduced capacity ranging from 200 to 400 people.