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Sotogrande - Beach Clubs

Trocadero Club de Playa

Located in Sotogrande the Trocadero Sotogrande Beach Club boasts beautiful green lawns typical of the area and sun loungers placed steps away from the beach. Buffet lunches are on offer and it is a favourite meeting place for the Sotogrande set while they enjoy many facilities. More>

Ocotogono Beach club

Octogono Beach Club and accompanying tennis club were constructed and opened along with the Marina in 1987. Its name comes from the modular construction of the roof of the club house as a series of octagonal 'umbrellas'. It predominantly operates as a small private club, with seasonal and annual membership packages ideal for Sotogrande residents. Its busy notice board of events, workshops and training sessions is a testament to this. The club is also popular to hire for private parties and weddings. The club features a well kept lawn with permanent thatch sunshades and sun loungers. There is a swimming pool and easy access to the beach and sea beyond a low fence. More>

Beach at La Reserva

Located in the La Reserva area of Sotogrande Alta near the La Reserva Golf Club House, the The Beach at La Reserva Club features a unique artificial 2.800 m2 beach (sand imported from Punta Paloma Tarifa) and sandy based artificial lagoon, combined with a 17.000 m2 water-sport lagoon set in a natural hollow in Sotogrande hillside. More>

Bunker Beach Club

Not really a Beach Club, but a laid back beach bar or chiringuito just over the west boundary of the Sotogrande estate on Finca Guadalquiton - the virgin beach and hinterland between today's Sotogrande and Alcaidesa resorts. The WW2 bunker that sits beside the bar and that gives the Bunker Beach club its obvious name is authentic; one of hundreds that were constructed by Franco (reportedly using the labour of Republican prisoners of war) from here to Conil as a defence against possible allied invasion from Gibraltar.