Sotogrande Beaches

Torreguadiaro beach next to Sotogrande beach
Torreguadiaro beach next to Sotogrande beach

Sotogrande beaches (Cadiz province), from west to east - continued from Alcaidesa beaches.

Due to need for social distance requirements in summer of 2021, San Roche town hall are providing live infomation on the popiularity of the following beaches. Cala Sardina, Torreguadiaro, Torreguadiaro Paseo Maritimo, Sotogrande Puerto Antigua, Sotogrande Bunker, Alcaidesa - El Faro and also Campamento, Puente Majorca, Guadaranque. This is the link to the info page.


Playa Guadalquiton is the 5km beach in front of a private estate between Sotogrande and Alcaidesa. This beach is very isolated and one of the quietest in Andalucia, and is almost deserted even in the summer. There are no facilities. Its name come from the small river that crosses the beach. The estate boasts the last cork-oak trees (alcornoques) which grow adjacent to the Mediterranean sea in Europe. Access on foot is from the Playa Torrecarboneria to the west and Playa Sotogrande to the east.


Playa Sotogrande is the beach that fronts the estate and is 2km long, situated to the west of the Guadiaro river estuary and natural protected area. The only car access is by the road that runs to the beach from Paseo del Parque to the west of the urbanization (36.27284,-5.283608). Parking is difficult on summer weekends. Facilities include toilets and lifeguard huts, but no showers, chiringuito or sunbeds. The Sotogrande Beach Club fronts the beach - you can get day membership. Pedestrian access is possible from the urbanization. To the west is Playa Guadalquiton, while the east end is backed by the River Guadiaro estuary protected wetlands. The river can be crossed in summer at the beach or via the road bridge 200m inland. An older name of this beach is Borondo.


A small beach, 1km long, between the mouth of the Sotogrande marina and the Guadairo river. Triangular shaped, it is reasonably popular in the summer. This beach fronts the Paseo del Mar section of the urbanizations and the Octagon Beach Club, where day membership is available. Parking is difficult here in the summer.Facilities include a shower, toilets and lifeguard huts, a chiringuito and watersports centre. (36.288235,-5.274146) In the summer a free service water taxi takes visitors to the beach from the other side of the marina opposite Ke bar. Operating summer 11.30 to 15.00 and 16.00 to 19.00 Mon to Sat.  


This semi-urban beach lies between the village of Torreguadiaro and Sotogrande port to the east. It is about 1.3km long and gets quite busy - parking is limited in the Marina. The best car access is from the old N-340a west of the village at km134, with a tarmac car park (36.297712,-5.271978) near the 16th-century watchtower (Torre Vigias). The chiringuito, sunbeds, showers and lifeguard posts are towards the village end of the beach. There is also access to the west end from the Sotogrande port, with steps over the retaining wall. This beach is also known as Playa de las Conchas


To the east of Torreguadiaro, near an isolated hotel, this is a small cove which cannot be seen from the road. Some parking is available by the Hotel Milla de Plata (36.306013,-5.262344) and a steep path leads down to the cove. This beach is surprisingly quiet even in the summer, and has no facilities, although the trees behind the beach offer shade. On the headland above (east side) the beach are some ruins of a Guardia Civil barracks.


This interesting cove has a 900m-long crescent-shaped beach and is moderately busy. There are showers, toilets and a lifeguard point as well as two chiringuitos open in the summer. In the winter access is by a track from the ‘old' coast road to Torreguadiaro village at km137 (36.309592,-5.259554). Camper vans often park here overnight. It is also known as Cala Sardina (Sardine Cove) and there is a protected monument ‘Casa Fuerte de Cala Sardina'. This beach was used as a location for the film Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Following the road improvements and construction of the Torreguadiaro bypass, a large quantity of risings were dumped in this cove and never properly landscaped. This cove is on the boundary of Malaga and Cadiz Provinces.

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