Alcaidesa Beaches


Playa Hacienda is the expansive 4km beach to the west of Alcaidea, extending towards the town of La Linea. There is only access from Alcaidesa and La Linea, and it runs into Playa Atunara at the west and Playa Alcaidesa at the east. Being an isolated beach, it is quiet all year round. There are showers at the east end the beach near tbe comercial area in the summer where there is a beach bar. This is the principal access point and parking


This is the beach in front of the urbanization, which extends 4km to the east where it fronts the Alcaidesa Links Golf Course. Due to this links golf couse there is only access at each end of this long beach. At the west end, in front of the Alcaidesa resort at Avenida de la Hacienda, you can find toilets, lifeguard huts and a chiringuito with sunbeds. The urbanization has a few cafes and shops. Parking at the seafront can be tricky on summer weekends, but is always possible if you don't mind a short walk. Parking along cliff tops Paseo Maritimo at Avenida de la Hacienda (36.232851,-5.316482) is easier. The beach is popular in the summer but always quieter if you walk eastwards (or westwards along Playa Hacienda). Alternatively, you can access the west end by car, following signs for the Golf Club and then the Faro (lighthouse), which is reached by an unmade road. Before reaching the lighthouse, a track to the right winds down to access the east end of Playa Alcaidesa. Park just above the beach (36.244775,-5.30593) on the cleared stone area. Here where there is a shower, toilets and lifeguard huts, and popular Chiringuito La Sal with sunbeds. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union for its high standards of cleanliness and facilities.

Below is a clip of the lovely Alcaidesa beach in the summer.


This beach is by the Punta Mala headland where the lighthouse is located. It is 1.3km long and about 50m wide, separated into several coves. At low tide lines of rocks are revealed. Access is by car into the Alcaidesa urbanization, keeping to the east and following signs for the Golf Club and then the Faro (de Torrecarbonera). An unmade roads leads to a future urbanization of the same name. Park at one of several locations on the heath behind the beach (GPS: 36.246384,-5.29762), and walk down. The odd-looking modern lighthouse, Torre de Carbonera, is a reconstruction of a tower built in 1588, and restored in the 18th century and then again in 1990. Its other name is Torre de Punta Mala. There is a small ruin of the Casa de Carbonera (charcoal-maker's house). There are no facilities here, but at the east end of Playa Alcaidesa there is a shower, toilets and lifeguard huts. It is quiet most of year and moderately busy on summer weekends. Parking is always available. It is also known as Playa Balñario and is classified as a naturist beach.


Playa Guadalquiton is the 5km beach in front of a private estate located between Sotogrande and Alcaidesa. It is very isolated and one of the quietest in Andalucia; it is even almost deserted in the summer. There are no facilities. Its name come from the small river that crosses the beach. This estate boasts the last remaining cork-oak trees (alcornoques) next to the Mediterranean sea in Europe. Access on foot is from the Playa Torrecarboneria to the west and Playa Sotogrande to the east.

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