Sotogrande Marina

The prestigious marina of Sotogrande © Michelle Chaplow
The prestigious marina of Sotogrande, luxury homes with moorings ( Click to enlarge photo )

Sotogrande Marina

Sotogrande Marina is considered by some to be a part of Sotogrande Costa (formerly Sotogrande Baja) and by others to be a separate entity. It is located to the east of the River Guadiaro. The Marina area did not form part of the original development of Sotogrande, but in the 1980s, in order to revitalise the area, the Marina was planned with apartments intended to open up a different real estate market. However, the 27-hectare natural area on the west bank of the mouth of the Guadiaro River stood in the way; land on the east side was acquired for the construction. The Marina was inaugurated in 1987 with the official name Puerto Deportivo Sotogrande. The Real Club Marítimo hotel was opened, as well as beachfront apartments and the Octágono Beach Club. The Marina was further extended in the late 1990s and substantial frontline apartments were added. The quayside apartment blocks are known as the Riberas, whilst the Islas are those built on little islands connected by small arched bridges. 

There is convenient access to the Puerto Deportivo and the Marina directly from the old N-340 coast road, slightly west of the village of Torreguadiaro. The second access is from the Sotogrande Costa residential estate over the River Guadiaro bridge. The Avenida de la Marina runs right around the back of the port development.

Like most of Sotogrande, the Marina's sub-areas are not officially defined. Names of housing complexes and landmarks are used as delineations instead, for example:


The original 1987 Marina is called Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande.  It consists of five apartment blocks with restaurants and shops at street level. In between the blocks are patios, gardens and water features, ideal for al fresco dining. The patios are not named but the blocks are numbered A to E. The Club Maritimo building with the Club Maritimo Hotel is next to Block E.  There is normally quayside parking in the Marina area. If this is full on popular summer weekends, use the free open air parking by the security cabins at the entrance to the Marina, or the free underground parking beneath the Ribera del Marlin.  


The newer Sotogrande Marina comprises numerous frontline apartments called Riberas and Islas. The Ribera nearest to the Sotogrande Marina Entrance and the Puerto Deportivo is called Ribera del Marlin. The quay level features a commercial area of boutique shops and restaurants. The long-running Sunday Market takes place here, as well as other summer evening events. There is a sizeable free public car park under the Ribera del Marlin.

In summer 2018 the following restaurants and shops were located in the Ribera del Marlin, listed at the entrance under the little arch bridge:


  • Angeles, cafe/restaurant
  • Veronica Pacheco, clothes
  • Balakata, textiles
  • Malvaloca, restaurant
  • Sotogrande Republic, clothes
  • Monte del Conde
  • De Gruyter, interior design
  • Patricia Darch, clothes
  • Cocktail hut
  • Foodisiac Beautiful Food, restaurant
  • Don Diego, restaurant
  • L'Essenza, beauty clinic
  • Villalba & Valcarcel (children's play area at front)
  • Bokana, restaurant
  • Entrance to free underground car park.
  • Art Gallery
  • Parrilla la 5ta, restaurant
  • Infinisea, clothes
  • Reve d' été, clothes
  • Eccolo, ice cream
  • Itsomi
  • El Cale Cache, bar
  • Senado, yacht chandlers
  • Cris Cros, pilates studio
  • Bella Notte, Italian Restaurant
  • Federal Market & Co, restaurant



In the summer there is a free boat taxi service across the Marina. Trips go from the dock adjacent to the Gigi's beach café to the dock opposite the Ké bar.  Traditionally operating throughout summer, 11.30 to 15.00 hrs and 16.00 to 19.00 hrs Mon to Sat.


The well-established  'Club Maritimo' (sailing club) is located in the Marina, and provides the opportunity to charter a sailboat, yacht or other vessel. Jet ski rental services are also available.