Sotogrande - Ribieras and Islas

SOTOGRANDE - Ribieras and Islas

The newer Sotogrande Marina comprises numerous frontline apartments called Ribieras and Islas.

The Ribera nearest to the Sotogrande Marina Entrance and the Puerto Deportivo is called Ribera del Marlin. The quay level features a commercial area of boutique shops and restaurants. The long running Sunday morning Market takes place here, as well as other summer evening events. There is a sizeable free public car park under the Ribera del Marlin.

The quayside apartment blocks are known as the Riberas and the Islas are those built on little islands connected by small arched bridges. Work began on this project in the mid 1990s; the Marina was extended inland and work began on the first three blocks. Ribera del Harlequin was built at the end of the quay facing both the new Marina and the Puerto Deportivo. Later two more blocks,  Ribera del Gurami and Ribera del Obispo were built to complete this quay. Nearer the beach, apartment blocks Ribera del Emperador and Ribera del Delfin were constructed in 1997, followed by Isla del Pez Volador. The Avenida del Marina road was diverted into a long, seemingly useless loop in 1998 so that the excavation of the Marina could continue.

The names of the Marina apartment blocks on the left hand side when heading away from the port are:

  • Ribera de la Necora
  • Ribera del Dragoncillo
  • Ribera de la Corvo
  • Isla de la Vela
  • Ribera de la Romana
  • Isla Tortuga
  • Albora
  • Isla de Pez Barbero
  • Ribera de la Golondrina
  • Ribera del Pez Luna
  • Isla Carey 
  • Guadalmarina 2
  • Jungla del Loro

Next is the Yacht club, featuring a car park and café.  On the river Guadiaro (right hand) side of Avenida de la Marina are:

  • Ribera del Rio
  • Ribera del Paraiso
  • Ribera de la Tenco

The Marina continues along Paseo del Rio. The original 'Beach Apartments' along this stretch are numbered from one to ten, and are located on the right-hand or sea side of Paseo del Mar, overlooking the beach and sea. The Octogono Beach Club is at the end of Paseo del Mar. At the opposite end, overlooking the River Guadiaro on Paseo del Rio are the Casas del Rio blocks. The newer development blocks are on the Marina side:

  • Ribera del Emperador
  • Ribera del Delfin
  • Isla del Pez Volador
  • Ribera de Candíl
  • Ribera de Arquero