Sotogrande - La Reserva

La Reserva - Sotogrande

La Reserva is the name of the most recent section of the Sotogrande development, including a sixth golf course to be developed under the brand La Reserva Sotogrande. It is located in the Sotogrande Alto, or 'high' mountain side of the coast road, and to the east of the A-2100 road to Castellar.

The initial development of this area began post-2000, including the relocation of the Sotogrande School and the La Reserva Golf Course and Club House, including the front line of villas accompanying the course.

The La Reserva 18-hole course opened in 2003 and other plots were sold and constructed on until 2008 when most work stopped following the financial crisis. Infrastructure works began again in this area in 2016, including the development of many new villa plots. However, no apartment blocks have been constructed in this sector, and work on the sixth Sotogrande golf course is yet to begin. A complete refurbishment of the La Reserva Golf Club took place in 2016 with the reopening of its restaurant as L'Olive Restaurant, specializing in traditional Andalusian cuisine with a contemporary European twist. In 2017, five  tennis courts were constructed in the sector, four clay and one hardcourt, as well as five glass walled padel courts. The Beach Club and lagoons followed in 2018.

The development and sale of properties in La Reserva remains a priority for private resort owners Sotogrande S.A.

Like most of Sotogrande, La Reserva is not an officially defined sub-area. Housing complexes and landmarks are used as delineations instead, for example:

  • Los Cortijos (de la Reserva) (gated near golf clubhouse)
  • La Finca
  • The Seven
  • El Mirador
  • The Collection
  • Sotogrande School
  • Los Gazules de Almenara (near school)