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Andalucia Rally

Resume video of the first editioin of the Andalucia rally from 2020

Andalucia Rally

The Andalucia Rally for cars and motorbikes now takes place each May in Andalucia since 2020. The Andalucia Rally is the opening event of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country-Rallies.More info>

First edition 2020

Carlos Sainz finished 2nd in the first edition in 2020.

Second edition 2021

The Rally Andalucía will be held for the second time and is part of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country-Rallies for the first time. it takes place form the 12th to 16 May 2021. A total of 1583 km will be run over the 5 days. All stages start and end at the 'bivouac' set up at Hacienda el Rosalejo outside Villamartin, Cadiz Province. Terrain is classified as gravel.

May 11 and 12 will be devoted to Shakedown, administrative and technical checks as well as the prologue short stage for all categories. Then, 4 days of competitive stages through the landscape of Cadiz and Seville provinces. The stages are from 200 to 300 km per day. In addition to the few arrows and ribbons distributed along the route, a colored electronic road-book will be given to each team.

Rally categories

The categories of the 2021 Andalucía Rally are:
- FIA World Cup T1, T2, T3 and T4
- Open: for cars outside FIA and Dakar regulations

– Moto / Quad: for experienced pilots who are used to rally raids.
– Enduro Cup Moto / Quad: for those who are new to rally raid with a bike of a range of 90 km.

– OPEN: for side by side out of FIA and Dakar regulations and with a range of 90 km.

Doñana in 4x4 and Acantilados del Asperillo

Doñana in 4x4 and Acantilados del Asperillo
Doñana in 4x4 and Acantilados del Asperillo

In this visit we combine the entrance to the Doñana National Park in 4x4 with the guided tour of El Rocio by a local guide who knows the traditions and culture of the place. We close our experience with a visit to the beautiful beach of the Parador where we will know the geological secrets of the impressive cliffs of Asperillo. This visit also allows us to enjoy the waters of the Atlantic Ocean before returning to Seville.

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