Trans Sahara Rally 2007 Rally Trans Sahara Rally Trans Sahara Rally

Sotogrande to Cape Town

Stage One Sotogrande to Takoradi , Ghana

Following the success of previous year trips reports on Stage One of the 2007 Rally.

The rally consist of a number of old 4x4 vehicles making the one way journey from Andalucia, Andalucia to Cape town in South Africa.

The rally will take the form of four stages.

Stage one: Sotogrande to Accra, the capital of Ghana in February 2009. The route will be Sotogrande, Rabat (Morocco), Laâyoune, Dakla (Western Sahara), Nouâdhibou (Mauritania) Nouakchott, and Bamako (Mali), Bobo (Burkina Faso), Takoradi (Ghana)

Stage two: Ghana to Camaroon.

Stage three Camaroon to Angola

Stage four: Angola to South Africa

A detailed account of the Sotogrande to Ghana stage is provided here by Paul Moody. 2006 Rally

Sotogrande to Timbuktu Rally

This record breaking trip of over 6.000 km reached the notorious outpost town of Timbuktu in eleven days only to discover as the same as the Victorian explorers and Michael Palin that "There is not much here" overstated John Cox or Cornwall on arrival. Alan Routledge of Sotogrande admitted "the worst bit was when John's cylinder head went and we had to tow him 500 km through the bush" however John recalled the his personal low was when the tow-rope snapped in the night "I was left behind for an hour and I did not know how long it would be before the others realised and came back for me". 2005 Rally

Following the success of last years trip, the car taking part in the "Plymouth Dakar Challenge 2005" has successfully completed this years rally.

The rally consists of old, 2 wheel drive cars, making a one-way journey through Morocco, Western Sahara to Nouakchott in Southern Mauritania and then south through Senegal to Banjul in the Gambia where the cars are then entered in the official charity auction.

Chris Chaplow and Alan Routledge

Chris Chaplow & Alan Routledge

The car was lead by Alan Routledge, veteran of the Paris - Dakar who has lead several car and bike expeditions to Southern Morocco and the Sahara.

The car is promoted by the leading travel website about southern Spain

. Trans Sahara Rally

2005 Rudy´s Mercedes of 3P-Digital
ready to leave Estepona

Chris Chaplow who took part in the 2004 and 2005 trip says. "The rally is a great opportunity for anybody to adventure in the Sahara. Even though it is so close to the coast few travel there. In a team this journey is quite feasible and enjoyable."

This is not a tour nor a race, it is a group travelling together and helping each other in the event of difficulties. There is no support or backup.

A selection of photos from the 2005 trip: car stuck in the desert.Piste marker in the Desert Well earned cup of tea
Overnight camp under cresent shaped dune. Large sandunes make good golf practice renge. All mod cons
The Desert Driving along 100km of Atlantic beach Using GPS to navigate around Nouagchott
The taxi rank! Pugh, Pugh, Barney, Mcrew, Ian, Darren, Pete. Senegal / Gambia border
Time for a OCI radio interview with Julie Thomasoro Alicia learns the Bongos The suited weshman is hasseled
Major of Banjul Independence Arch Welshman with local dancer.

Photographs from last years Sahara adventure.