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Boat Maintenance

Looking after your boat can be a serious problem, if you are not in residence for much of the year. The answer is to have someone look after it for you, in much the same way as homeowners contract maintenance companies to take care of their houses or flats. With a boat, it is not quite so simple, so contracting a top quality company is of vital importance.

It may well seem to be an inordinate expense but, as with anything else in the world, you get what you pay for. The best bet is to seek the advice of a chandler in the port where your boat is moored, or a company such as Marina Marbella, based on the eastern edge of town. They may well offer a maintenance service themselves, if they do not, they will be in the best position to recommend someone who is known to them. Naturally enough, it will not be in their interest to give a poor recommendation.