Boating & Yachting - Mooring Charges

Mooring your boat

When considering the purchase of a boat, you might want to find a mooring first. Such is the popularity of boating all along the Mediterranean coast from Almeria to Tarifa and beyond that moorings are at a premium. Many marinas are completely full and have waiting lists. It is only in the mega-marinas, such as Almerimar or Aguadulce that space is available.

It is possible either to buy a mooring outright, or to lease one. Berth rental prices are also subject to annual increases and for example, a 15 metre berth for rent in say Marina de La Duquesa, or Estepona would cost circa 10,000 euros per annum. In Puerto Banus, the same size berth could cost upwards of 30,000 euros each year.

To buy a similar sized berth would cost circa 110-120,000 euros in Duquesa, and Estepona, both of which have circa 20 years to run on their concession, but over 400,000 euros in Puerto Banus with its 60 year concession. A 15-metre berth in Sotogrande would cost circa 225-250,000 euros due to the 50 years remaining on the concession.