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Julio Romero de Torres Museum

The Museum of Julio Romero de Torres

The Museum of Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930) is also located in the same building as the fine arts museum, it is where he once lived and now houses this famous contemporary Cordoba painters' works.

It also has works of other famous baroque, renaissance and contemporary painters; Zurbarán, Alejo Fernandez, Antonio del Castillo and Valdés Leal.

You visit four rooms and discover the life and work of the painter from his first paintings to his later more symbolic work which includes "La Copla", "Naranjos y Limones" (a nude study 1928) and "La Chiquila Piconera".

Many of his works appear to feature well proportioned nudes in skilled poses. "Cante Hondo" is his most macabre work (1930), "Look how lovely she was" a deathbed scene (1895).



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