Granada City - Palace of Dar al-Horra

Palace of Dar al-Horra

by Lawrence Bohme

Perhaps the least known of Granada's monuments, and yet one of the most precious, is the home which the Sultan Muley Hassen built for his wife Aixa when he rejected her in favour of a young Christian captive, and which the resentful granadinos, in her defence, called Dar al-Horra, the "house of the honourable lady".

The gardens and dependencies of the Moorish palace were used by Queen Isabel after the conquest to build the convent which bears her name.

The alleyway which winds between the convent-palace and the outer wall is known as the Callejón de las Monjas, the "alleyway of the nuns". The curious arch which crosses it is an aqueduct which once supplied the convent with water.