Tours of Torremolinos

See below a selection of excellent tours of Torremolinos, perfect opportunities to see the major attractions without the hassle of having to organise it yourself.

Private Excursions from Torremolinos

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Torremolinos is one of the Costa de Sol's most popular seaside resorts, with great cuisine, fabulous beaches and an enviable climate. Whether you're looking for a holiday property for yourself, an investment, or you're looking to move out to sunny Andalucia either for part of the year or full-time, Torremolinos is an excellent location.

Torremolinos Hostals & Hostels

If you're looking for basic, central accommodation in Torremolinos, there is an increasing number of welcoming hostals in the town, especially in Calle del Peligro, which is just a short stroll from the Bajondillo beach. Some of them even have a sea view.


Torremolinos: where the Costa del Sol tourism boom really exploded. Just a couple of miles to the west of Malaga airport, and with one of the coast’s better urban beaches, it isn’t hard to see why. If the town’s party-hearty reputation has relaxed a little in recent years, giving way to many family holidaymakers in the summer and older visitors looking for some winter sun out of season.


Torremolinos has thankfully long outgrown its Monty Python spam and chips image and, over recent years, has evolved as an attractive and appealing resort noted for its clean sandy beaches, wide choice of hotels and restaurants and unparalleled variety of entertainment, activities and nightlife available.

Hotels in Torremolinos

If you're looking for no-frills, central accommodation there a number of hostals in Calle del Peligro which is just a short stroll from the Bajondillo beach. Some even have a sea view. In one of the liveliest areas around 24 hour square and Calle las Mercedes there are also many hostels but some will necessitate earplugs on a summer Saturday night.

Excursions from Torremolinos

See below a selection of group excursions from Torremolinos. Perfect opportunities to see the major attractions in Andalucia without the hassle of having to organise it yourself.

Mural route in Torremolinos

In its bid to become a serious cultural destination, Torremolinos introduced a new Ruta del Murales in 2022, a route intended to recover its history and heritage through a series of spectacular murals.

Monuments in Torremolinos

Along with this impressive collection of sculptures, Torremolinos also features  numerous other works, including the Monument to Andalucía, a piece known to most as “the flamenco sculpture”.

Leveron's Sculptures, Torremolinos

Artist Elena Laverón holds a special affection for Torremolinos and several of her sculptures have been installed in the main boulevard, while another collection can be found in the peaceful gardens.

Shelagh Tennant

Described by the tabloids as 'indecently charming and deliciously wicked’, Shelagh Tennant, the ‘60s wild child noted for being the person who helped bring The Beatles to Spain, became one of the most important characters in the history of Torremolinos. The former model and owner of Shelagh's Bar - one of the first English pubs in Torremolinos – died in 2018, but she left a legacy that is still talked about in the town today.

Clinics in Torremolinos

There are a number of privately operated health clinics in Torremolinos for patients to go without referal as an alternative to the state health service.

See & Do

Some visitors to Torremolinos want to do nothing but kick back, soak up the sun and forget the pressures of everyday life. And who can blame them? But if you're after animal adventures, high-octane sporting experiences, or some fascinating history and culture, you've come to the right place.

Hotel Pez Espada

Pez Espada Hotel is located on the seafront in Montemar, Torremolinos, the hotel offers secluded gardens, swimming pools and large shaded terraces. Guests have a private entrance that leads directly to the beach. The former fishing village of La Carihuela is just a few minutes stroll along the promenade. Here one will find a maze of artisan shops, tapas bars and excellent fish and seafood restaurants.

Torre Pimentel, Torremolinos

This tower, the symbol of the town which it gave its name its name is also known as Torre Pimentel. It is a watchtower located at the top steep hill in the present village, built on solid rock. Its purpose was to protect the entire industrial and agricultural complex of Torremolinos. It was probably built just after the reconquest.

Famous faces of Torremolinos

Torremolinos is embellished with artistes from all occupations, and some of the most celebrated of them, as well as the eccentric and the notorious, have lived, or stayed, in the town at some point during their lives. The famous faces of Torremolinos are closely related to Torremolinos History.