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The sun-kissed land of Torremolinos

Torremolinos Overview

Torremolinos has thankfully long outgrown its Monty Python spam and chips image and, over recent years, has evolved as an attractive and appealing resort noted for its clean sandy beaches, wide choice of hotels and restaurants and unparalleled variety of entertainment, activities and nightlife available.

See below a selection of excellent tours of Torremolinos, perfect opportunities to see the major attractions without the hassle of having to organise it yourself.

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In its bid to become a serious cultural destination, Torremolinos introduced a new Ruta del Murales in 2022, a route intended to recover its history and heritage through a series of spectacular… More →

Along with this impressive collection of sculptures, Torremolinos also features  numerous other works, including the Monument to Andalucía, a piece known to most as “the flamenco sculpture”.

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There are a number of privately operated health clinics in Torremolinos for patients to go without referal as an alternative to the state health service.

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This tower, the symbol of the town which it gave its name its name is also known as Torre Pimentel. It is a watchtower located at the top steep hill in the present village, built on solid rock.… More →

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This conference centre has 17 rooms with a total floor space of 9105 square metres and capacity for 4103 people. The largest room has a floor space of 1280 square metres and a capacity of 900… More →

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There are six main beaches in Torremolinos: Los Alamos, Playamar, Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Montemar and El Saltillo. The 7 km main promenade has recently undergone improvements with additional… More →

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Opened in 2014 the Miguel Angel Jimenez golf academy has a Par 3 course. There are also several golf clubs within close vicinity of Torremolinos, including the first golf courses to be built on… More →

The prodigious building efforts that have turned Torremolinos into a highly urbanised area are also offset by the recent emergence of numerous small public gardens. More than one thousand species… More →

Torremolinos is located 7km west of Málaga airport and was the first Costa del Sol resort to be developed back in the early sixties when it was little more than a sleepy village, still today the town reflects its heritage with several of the original fresh fish bars located right in the shopping centre, incongruously flanked by exclusive boutiques and gift shops. In general, however, the wave of tourists who descended on the town in the fifties and sixties changed the face of Torremolinos for ever.

Over the years, Torremolinos has evolved as an attractive and appealing resort, noted for its clean sandy beaches, wide choice of hotels and restaurants and unparalleled variety of entertainment, activities and nightlife available. At the height of summer, the resort has a great appeal for the younger set, with a reputation for its hectic nightlife. Out of season, however, it takes on a different character. Now practically a suburb of Málaga, the atmosphere is much more Spanish, especially at weekends, with an air of friendliness and welcome.

Packed with tantalising shops, thronging with people of every nationality and located right at the heart of the town is the pedestrian only Calle San Miguel, the main artery of the town. This smartly paved pedestrianised street is lined with boutiques and shops with a great variety of goods on offer, attracting a constant flow of people. The Cuesta del Tajo, at the end of San Miguel, leads down a steep flight of steps through the old fishing district of El Bajondillo. This is a popular, picturesque area lined with restaurants and market-style kiosks, selling souvenirs. Down at the bottom is the beach of El Bajondillo.

The beach area shows another side of Torremolinos. With massive hotels, apartment blocks, bars and restaurants, this area is packed during the summer. To the left, the Playa de Bajondillo gives way to the beaches of Playamar and Los Alamos. To the right, beyond the Castillo de Santa Clara, lie the beach areas of La Carihuela and Montemar.

The beach awaits in Torremolinos. © Sophie Carefull
The beach awaits in Torremolinos.

The seafront promenade, Paseo Maritimo, extends east to Playamar and west to La Carihuela, continuing as far as Benalmádena Marina and beyond. The walk to La Carihuela offers pleasant sea views and some dramatic rock formations, before entering the old fishing village of La Carihuela which is a delightful area of picturesque simple houses and bougainvillea clad patios where old men play dominoes and drink anis. Many of the original cottages still exist and not all have been turned into bars or shops. Some have stood still in time. Wander around the area early one morning before the tourists wake up and see a different world. This is the area also known for its excellent seafood restaurants and chiringuitos (beach bars).

The area of El Calvario is less known to the average tourist. Located to the north of the main road which cuts through Torremolinos, it offers a quieter area of small streets of bars, with an appeal to those who prefer to be away from the bustle of the centre.

While some may feel that Torremolinos has an abundance of concrete highrises, this is offset by the recent emergence of numerous public gardens. More than one thousand species of trees have been planted in the town, ranging from the exotic magnolia and banana tree to vibrantly colourful beds of roses and azaleas. On the outskirts of town, there are three forests with freshwater springs and barbecue facilities and highly recommended for those seeking a little reprieve from the bucket and spade scenario on the coast. At the same time, if it's family fun you want, Torremolinos is hard to beat with seasonal seasports including windsurfing, paragliding, water skiing and pedal boats. Consult our Torremolinos See & Do page.

If this sounds all just too energetic however, then of course there is the sunlounger alternative or plenty of places where you can while away the hours sitting in picturesque surroundings, sipping a glass of sangria and simply watching the world go by.

Beautiful bougainvillea in Torremolinos. © Sophie Carefull
Beautiful bougainvillea in Torremolinos.

Getting Around

For more information on Torremolinos and in order to find out more about where attractions are situated please visit our tourist office page. More >.

If perhaps you need a more personal hand finding things then you may want to try a Viator guided tour on our excursions page, which always prove to be enjoyable. Buses in Torremolinos run quite regularly to places along the coast such as Fuengirola and Marbella all the way to Estepona and Algeciras.

Hire a car is best way to get around! Travel with ease and enjoy the beautiful views! Consult our general Car Hire page for the best deals within Andalucia.

Next Places

The next places to the east of Torremolinos is Malaga and to the west we have Benalmadena and Mijas.

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