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Gay Scene

Palms on the Beach of Torremolinos, Palza del Remo, Costa del Sol © Michelle Chaplow
Palms on the Beach of Torremolinos, Plaza del Remo, Costa del Sol

Torremolinos gay Scene

by Tony Bryant

Torremolinos has long had a vibrant gay scene and it has always been one of the most openly gay-friendly towns in Spain.  

Even during the years of dictatorship, the town flourished as a destination for the liberally minded and the animated gay scene thrived at a time when Franco frowned on blatantly non-Catholic activities.

Today, the gay scene is even more flourishing than before and it is fast becoming the most popular choice for GLBT tourists to spend their summer vacations.  

Of all the towns on the Costa del Sol, Torremolinos is the most famous for its variety of gay bars and clubs. There are also gay hotels, travel agents, hairdressers, clothes boutiques and even a gay sauna.

Most of the gay scene in Torremolinos is centered on the Plaza La Nogalera, but it is not limited to this iconic part of the town.

One will find gay-friendly beaches in Playamar and Bajondillo. Along this stretch of golden beaches are numerous bars, cafes and chiringuitos aimed at the gay tourist, one of which is Poseidon.

The first big GLBT event of the year in Torremolinos is the Gala Drag Queen del Carnival Gay, which is held on the first weekend in March. This colorful drag queen gala, organized by the ACOGAT,… More →

Most of the night-bars in La Nogalera open at around 9pm, and stay open until daylight. The establishments vary from small intimate drinking haunts, to raving nightclubs and outrageous show bars,… More →

Most of the gay bars in Torremolinos are situated in La Nogalera. This area is the town's 'gay village' and has many night bars and clubs that stay open until dawn. There are also bars and cafes… More →

Poseidon. This long-established bar is a favorite lunchtime haunt that serves an adequate menu of the day, as well as tapas, snacks and drinks, and their beach terrace is perfect for enjoying an… More →