Parks & Gardens

Gardens in Torremolinos © Michelle Chaplow
Gardens in Torremolinos


The prodigious building efforts that have turned Torremolinos into a highly urbanised area are also offset by the recent emergence of numerous small public gardens.

More than one thousand species of trees have been planted in the town, ranging from the exotic magnolia and banana tree, to vibrantly colourful beds of roses and azaleas.

Parque La Bateria

This is the largest park in Torremolinos. It is about 75 thousand square metres.   It name originates from the sea defences that we built here ( and Castillo de Santa Clara) in 1763.

The park has a lake where you can hire rowing boats. The is a children's play-ground  and a carousel. From the top of the hill in the park there is a viewing tower.  There are a number of cannon and relics from its original defensive use. There is no cafeteria.  


Mediterranean flowers in Torremolinos. © Michelle Chaplow
Mediterranean flowers in Torremolinos.