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The village of Torreguadiaro is one of the districts of San Roque and located on the coast just to the east of the popular resort of Sotogrande.  It was formed by the construction of some houses near the defensive towers around 1900.  Recently it has benefeted from the construction of the A-7 by-pass as the main street is now quiet of traffic and a more village feel has developed. An number of cafe bars have opened and  the terraces are popular especially on summer evenings. Look our for Puro Tapas. A number of Sotogrande resort residents and visitors come to Torreguadiaro in the evening for a change of scenery. 

It has a number of hotels that were (and still are) popular and convenient roadside stops for travellers on the way to Algeciras or Tarifa for the ferries to Africa. It has also become popular with British resident working in Gibraltar


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Torreguadiarro is on the M240  Estepona to La Linea (for Gibraltar) bus route. Consult bus timetables on our La Linea and Estepona bus station pages.  Estepona to La Linea takes one and a half hours. Torreguadiarro is 40 mins from Estepona and 40 mins La Linea. 

Hotels in Torreguadiaro

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Hostal Montilla
Hostal Montilla

This family-run guest house is located just off the A-7 Motorway, 15 minutes’ drive from San Roque. It offers a terrace, free Wi-Fi and free parking, 1 km from the beaches of Torreguadiaro and Sotogrande.


The two towers that give Torreguadiaro its name are not the twin 23 storey 1970's blocks of flats that can be seen for miles and have become a landmark for sailors. To the west of the town can be seen the ruined watchtowers. The original tower (called Torre Quebrada de Guadiaro) can be seen in open ground, adjacent to the new beach access car park. The tower was constructed in the 15th century and was used as a refuge for shepherds as well as a lookout. It was struck by lightning at the begining of the 16th cenruty and split in half. (surprising that it still stands today), A report of 1516 record the need for a replacement. A new and bigger tower (14m diameter and 16m tall) was constructed with shaped stone blocks about 200m to the east on sligthly higher ground. This  tower (called Torre Nueva de Guadiaro) has two floors, stairs, a chimney and an exterior entrance door at a safe height that was access via a rope ladder.  In 1796 it was recorded as having a cannon and a small company of soldiers to man it. There also used to be a small 'cuartel' building that the soldiers used and was later occupied by the Guardia Civil up to the civil war. It was restored in 2015. More about watchtowers.

View of Sotogrande Marina from Torreguadiaro
View of Sotogrande Marina from Torreguadiaro

Laguna de Torreguadiaro

In the area between the towers and the beach is an area of protected marshland of particular interest to birdwatchers. Wooden walkways allow you to view the marshland without damaging them. There is also a birders hide.

The beaches on this coast are described on our Sotogrande Beach page.

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Apartments for Sale in Torreguadiaro

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Villas for Sale in Torreguadiaro