San Roque

Magical Light in the town of San Roque © Michelle Chaplow
Magical Light in the town of San Roque (Click to enlarge photos)

San Roque

San Roque sits at 109 meters above sea level on a hill looking down across the Bay of Algeciras towards North Africa. With a population of approximately 23,000, San Roque lies between the Cadiz municipalities of La Linea de la Concepción and Los Barrios.

Situated as it between two continents, the sea and the ocean and three cultures; Spanish, British and Arabic - colours and flavours abound. The surrounding area offers spectacular and contrasting landscapes of sea and ocean beaches, as well as lush countryside alive with wild life. It is a paradise for those who enjoy water sports, rock climbing, golf, paddle tennis, polo and much more. In the municipality of San Roque there are no less than 6 golf courses. It is also home to Sotogrande - one of the most luxurious sports and residential developments of Europe - a Mecca for golfers, polo players and those who enjoy living life to the full.

Rural tourism is also very popular in the San Roque area, which includes one of the most beautiful forests in Europe, Pinar del Rey, with its many types of indigenous flora and fauna. In the area of San Roque there are outstanding birdwatching opportunities in the Campo de Gibraltar.



As well as the village of San Roque, the municipality of San Roque has eight suburbs:


Taraguilla / Miraflores / Estación de San Roque
Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro / Guadiaro
San Enrique
Puente Mayorga


The village of San Roque, with its steep narrow streets and whitewashed houses has maintained a quintessential Andalucian flavour and is a delight to visit. The well tended little balconies and wrought iron work grilled windows burst with the colour of well tended plants. There is plenty to do within the village of San Roque, with many historical monuments and points of interest, as well as museums and churches, to say nothing of the wonderful local bars and restaurants to keep you going along the way. Steeped in history and tradition, you will see a piece of real Andalucia. Why not begin with a visit to the San Roque bullring, which was built in 1853 and is the fourth oldest in Andalucia.

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