Festivals in San Roque

If visiting San Roque village or one of the other suburbs in the area, bear in mind the following dates (dates change slightly each year to take in weekends where possible):

February: Carnival time.

Easter Week - when the streets of San Roque a filled with the scent of orange blossom, jasmine and incense and the whole village is involved in organizing and taking part in the processions and celebrations of Semana Santa (Easter).

May: The Romería of San Roque, when the image of San Roque is taken on procession by the villagers and then brought back again to the Ermita de San Roque.

  • Around 21 - 24 June Taraguilla Fair
  • Around 5 - 8 July Guadiaro Fair
  • Around 5 - 8 July Campamento
  • Around 13 - 15 July Torreguadiaro Fair
  • Around 26 - 29 July Puente Mayorga Fair
  • Around 2 - 5 August San Enrique Fair
  • Around 6 - 10 August The Royal Feria of San Roque- Opens with the crowning of the Queen of the Fair, followed by cavalcades, processions, children's events, Bullfights, etc., ending with the Sunday known as Domingo Rociero and then finally on the Monday a bull is let loose to run the streets of the village until it reaches the bullring.
  • Around 16 - 19 August Estación Fair
  • Around 24 - 26 August Guadarranque Fair



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