Watchtowers of Torreguadiaro

Torre Quebrada de Guadiaro, a watchtower that was stuck by lightening © Michelle Chaplow
Torre Quebrada de Guadiaro, a watchtower that was stuck by lightening

Watchtowers of Torreguadiaro

The two towers that give the village of Torreguadiaro its name are the two medieval watchtowers located to the west of the present village. They are not to be confused with the 1970s twin 23-storey apartment blocks that have become a landmark for sailors.

The original watchtower, called Torre Quebrada de Guadiaro (Broken tower of Torreguadiaro) can be seen next to the car park on the Sotogrande side of the village. This tower was constructed in the 15th century and was used as a refuge for shepherds as well as a lookout for Barbary pirates. It was struck by lightning at the begining of the 16th cenrtry and split in half. It is surprising that it still stands today, since the restoration work was only carried out in 2015. Notice how the modern white concrete supporting structure is a very contempory style. There is no confusion beteen the old and the modern reconstruction.

A report from 1516 records the need for a replacement tower. A bigger tower (14m diameter and 16m tall) was constructed from shaped stone blocks on a site about 200m to the west on sligthly higher ground. This newer tower (called locally Torre Nueva de Guadiaro) has two floors, stairs, a chimney and an exterior entrance door at a safe height although access was still via rope ladder. In 1796 the watctower was recorded as having a cannon and was manned by a small company of soldiers. There used to be a small 'cuartel' building alongside for the soldiers which was later occupied by the Guardia Civil. The watchtower was restored in 2015.

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Hostal Montilla
Hostal Montilla

This family-run guest house is located just off the A-7 Motorway, 15 minutes’ drive from San Roque. It offers a terrace, free Wi-Fi and free parking, 1 km from the beaches of Torreguadiaro and Sotogrande.

The village of Torreguadiaro is one of the districts of San Roque and located on the coast just to the east of the popular resort of Sotogrande.  It was formed by the construction of some houses near the watchtowers around 1900. Recently it benefitted from the construction of the A-7 by-pass. The main street is now relatively quiet of traffic and more of a village feel has developed. Mny cafe bars have opened and  the terraces are popular especially on summer evenings. Look our for Puro Tapas gastro bar. Torreguadiaro is a popular locatioin with Sotogrande residents and visitors from the surrounding housing developments.