Alto Guadalquivir Natural Area

Alto Guadalquivir Natural Area

The Alto Guadalquivir Natural Area comprises three reservoirs (embalses) covering 663ha, which are situated along the upper reaches of the Guadalquivir river. To the east is the largest one, the Embalse de Puente La Cerrada, in the middle is the Embalse de Doña Aldonza and to the west is the smallest reservoir, the Embalse de Pedro Martín.

The area is an important wetland for breeding and migrating birds, as well as overwintering waterfowl, because there are very few similar sites in Jaen province. It also attracts a significant bird population because it is located in a region where water is scarce in summer.

Take the A316 from Jaen to Úbeda and then the A301 south towards Jódar. There are a few minor roads leading off the A301 that follow the courses of the reservoirs.

Around the shores of the reservoirs is dense vegetation, a haven for birdlife. There are poplars and willows along the reservoir fringes, while on the water's edge itself are rushes, tamarisks and reeds.

Many waterfowl inhabit the vegetation around the reservoirs. Purple gallinules, ferruginous ducks and white-headed ducks, shovelers, pochards, marsh harriers, grey and purple herons and little egrets all breed here. The reeds are home to reed warblers and great reed warblers.

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