Los Órganos Natural Monument

Los Órganos Natural Monument

Los Órganos Natural Monument is located within the Despeñaperros Natural Park very close to the Andalucia-La Mancha border. It is a spectacular geological feature, with massive layers of vertical strata towering upwards, which give it an appearance like a church organ, hence the name.

It is composed of a type of quartzite rock, which has ripple-like shapes in it, a legacy of the sea it was underneath 500 million years ago.

Some significant archaeolgical remains have been discovered here, like those in the Cueva de los Muñecos.

Los Órganos is situated east of the northbound carriageway of the A4 Jaen-Valdepeñas motorway, just before the Andalucia-La Mancha border. There are a few stopping places along the A4 northbound.

It has some well-preserved Mediterranean cistus scrub vegetation.

There have been reports of the endangered lynx and wolf in the area. Raptors are a common sight here.