Laguna del Chinche Natural Reserve

Laguna del Chinche Natural Reserve

Situated just to the north of the Laguna Honda Natural Reserve is this small lake, the 6.5ha Laguna del Chinche, surrounded by olive groves, with an additional 39ha of protected area around the lake. Like Laguna Grande Natural Area and Laguna Honda, it is under protection because of the relative scarcity of wetland areas in Jaen province. Conservation efforts are aimed at preserving the existing vegetation, reducing illegal hunting and getting rid of the drainage channels that come out of the lake, as the use of the lake water for irrigation means that the lake dries up completely during dry spells.

The Laguna del Chinche can be reached on the Vía Verde del Aceite that goes past Laguna Honda. On the right-hand side of the Vía Verde at Laguna Honda is a track that leads to the Laguna del Chinche.

Much of the original vegetation around the lake has been destroyed by agricultural activities, but there are still tamarisk, bulrushes and reedbeds at the fringes of the lake.

There are mallards, wigeons, shovelers, red-crested pochard and flamingos on the lake itself and red-legged partridges in the surrounding area.



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