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Breña y Marismas de Barbate Natural Park - Suggested routes

From Barbate take the CA2143 to Caños de Meca. This is the principal road through the park and it passes through the Pinar de la Breña. You can stop off this route and go for a walk in the pine forest; at Km 3.5 is a forestry track, the Sendero del Torre de Tajo.

There are several attractive picnic areas further on, with signposted walks leading off them. The first, just off the CA2143 towards San Ambrosio, is the Jarillo picnic area. Then there is the Majales de Sol. Just before Caños de Meca is the Meca picnic area. Once in Caños de Meca, follow the road into the village and go to the Castelleja beach at the village's easternmost end. From here, you can also follow the coastal path for superb views along the cliffs.

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